How to properly remove a dandelion from your lawn



Learn how to properly remove a dandelion from your lawn to make sure it never grows back. Most people just rip them out with their hands but doing that doesnt …

30 thoughts on “How to properly remove a dandelion from your lawn

  1. Juan Melendez says:

    Wtf I came across this video and then I said " That sounds like @Chrisfix" So I looked at the nane of the page, the started the video again to see if he says "Hey guys! Chrisfix here.."

  2. KyuHyun Lee says:

    I was so into cars and watched your videos to DI myself a lot back in the days, and my interest transitioned to lawn care as I am having my own family & house.. And yet, I am still watching yours for my new interest…

  3. SuperPutzPutz says:

    You don't have to use that tool to remove the root at all. Just pick the yellow flowers all year long for two years and then each plant will die off because dandelions are bi-annuals, not annuals or perennials! You've all been lied to so that they can make more money.

  4. Renee L. Marks says:

    Yes, my dad always did it this way. One tiny dandelion popping up and he was out in the flash! His lawn was immaculate. Thank you for showing these people how its done long before poison was sprayed all over the place. I have that tool. A few dandelions never hurt anyone and has helped many with healthful properties, especially the honey bees.

  5. Matticus Barticus says:

    That's what I did. I filled 2 garbage cans up with them last year (my first season in the house). This year I am the only person on my block with no dandelions. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also cut high (max of my mower). That helps too.

    It is satisfying hearing that pop when you pull up the root.

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