How to Pick a Good Self Defense School



This is a question that we get asked quite often: “How do I choose a good self defense school?” Well today, we decided to answer it! Choosing a good self …

21 thoughts on “How to Pick a Good Self Defense School

  1. James Sarvan says:

    Great tips, thank you.
    I will start doing boxing and freestyle wrestling then, since that's what I have in my area.
    I'll start krav maga or something like that in a couple of years when I move to a bigger city.

  2. Wasyl Strutynskyj says:

    I agree with what you have said. I used to do aikido and ninjutsu. They were the only ones that provided scenarios for multiple attacks. In Japan a lot of samurai knew ninjutsu, and lots of ninjas knew samurai arts. My ninja teacher was a student of Brazilian jujitsu, which is useful when you are on the ground. He also taught samurai arts, and would pass on what he learned in the classes that he attended. I think that the real question people should ask themselves is how good are they at the art that they have chosen. I would not rate myself as an expert, but I think that I learnt to more street smart from your clips.

  3. AlgerianFalcon says:

    Nick, can you show a video how to avoid straight punches? Like if a person wants to box you straight to the nose. That is a very blowing punch so people need to know how to block or avoid such punches.

  4. nmr20067 says:

    Great video and advice, Nick! There are so many BJJ schools in my area. I am looking for more striking though. Private boxing lessons are very good but also very expensive! 500 for five classes. You can join the gym and just train with a group for 50 a month, but private one-on-one training can be so much helpful.

  5. Dave Edmondson says:

    great advice about picking a school or course of self defense study. I'm glad you addressed schools or instructors who engage in "style bashing." Every discipline or style has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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