How to Perform a Wrist-Lock Takedown

Brian figured that since the third Burnout was the best one and had “Takedown” in the title, our third Brazilian Jiu Jitsu episode needed a takedown of its own.

45 thoughts on “How to Perform a Wrist-Lock Takedown

  1. Daniel Balter says:

    The UFC is a sport and is not the best test for what works in combat and street situations. San Soo Kung Fu and SCARs are combat arts that use headbutts, eye gouges, hair grabs, groin strikes, throat grabs, etc that are not allowed in the sport UFC.

  2. Thiago Amato says:

    Aikido can be used to be extremely effective, if combined with Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. Aikido alone doesn't cut it due to it's innate philosophy of never attacking and never using your own strength on your opponent.

    My dad who's a brown judo belt like me once tried Aikido classes and ended up leveraging a guy that flew 5 meter away by combining Judo automatic muscle memories along with Aikido technique. He got called out by the teacher saying he did it wrong, yet it was way more effective than the taught technique itself.

  3. JaguarsCreator1 says:

    This wrist lock is called a gooseneck lock. It's commonly used by bouncers and law enforcement. There is a way to escape (sort of): by dropping straight downwards you can release the pressure. This is unintuitive though and your average person will never think to do this.

    Concerning his comment and aikido vs MMA at the end: it's true that MMA is an avenue for testing fighting techniques, but how often do you see this wrist lock in MMA? Bouncing and law enforcement is another avenue to test restraint holds against untrained fighters, and some aikido locks such as the Z-lock and kotegaeshi have been successfully used by law enforcement. By demonstrating an effective wrist lock here that isn't used in MMA, he kind of defeated his point.

  4. Mr La Meme says:

    7:077:11And yet schools can't understand this when someone is fighting for self defense. When they A- Didn't start the fight B- Didn't want to fight and C- Just meant to get the situation over with. And to all you who thinks this sounds stupid, It's absolutely true. If I piss some guy off with out knowing it, and I swings at me without me even wanting to fight and I defend myself, they'll probably mark it down as egging the fight on or making it worse when the situation had started off about as bad as it could get

  5. Kellen Walburn says:

    not gonna lie, i want to get in a fight at school just to use this stuff. i imagine some ass hole who thinks he is way cooler and smarter than me trying to square up, and im just like "live long and prosper, mi amigo" then i put him in a wrist lock and take him to the floo

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