How To Pass A Knife Safely

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49 thoughts on “How To Pass A Knife Safely

  1. DrJuice1 says:

    I know nothing about camping let alone bushcraft, and that's just the natural way I would hand a knife. There are people who don't naturally do this? It didn't even occur to me that the blunt end is toward my hand when I do this.

  2. Dutch Courage says:

    This is basically why the rules of 3 of survival start at 3 seconds (and not 3 min without air), and you touched on those 3 second pretty dang well… mainly 3 sec without paying attention (to what you are doing, to whats going on around you), basically zoning out for 3 sec can get you hurt (which may lead to infection) or actually get you seriously hurt…

    So, 3 seconds without attention, 3 minutes without air, 3 hours in exposure, 3 days without water, 3 nights without sleep, 3 weeks without food … thrown the nights in there for free, not actually sure it was in the original rules, but i think it belongs there, because after a long time being awake obeying rule nr1. starts to become progressively difficult …

    Peace and tnx for sharing.

  3. Erik M says:

    I really like your method for passing a bushcraft knife, but what if you have a bigger survival knife? that could probably not balance as easy and good grip on a bigger knife.

  4. NativeBoyUSA says:

    well, when I pass a knife I hold only blade (the blunt side) and have the tip in such a way that if it was pushed it wouldn't be able to stab my hand. i have the handle pointed towards the person wanting it. that's always been the way I've done it.

  5. Liam Perkins says:

    Really cool video but I always got tought to take the knife out of its sheath differently ?? Because u cut you're self but hay ho thats only if u have a dodgey sheath ahah lol

  6. SGW Knives says:

    you can borrow my cup, my bed and even the wife to keep them full and warm, but don't ever touch my knife, my axe, or my dog.
    you can never stress the basics to much, it is always those who think they know who end up in the doodies. great viewing as always.

  7. A632484 says:

    Zed, The old Boy Scout method of passing a sheath knife or open blade, is to hold the blade by the spine of the knife. the sharp blade edge is away from your hand and the handle is pointed toward the person receiving the knife. You do not let go until the other person acknowledges that they have the knife , i.e thank you. This way neither person is in danger of contact with a sharp edge or point. Similar to your method but quite effective. Keep up the good work. I follow when I can.

  8. Bernard Nulty says:

    Already knew but great to see it being illustrated by those who people look to to learn. I've seen some very very near misses and minor injuries as a result of things like this. So fair play Zed

  9. Buxton Stuff says:

    Zed I love you mate and all but what is this all about ? You'd have to be 3 not to understand that in the first place , more sheep chasing and wildcamp please I'm sure everyone misses it

  10. Ralph Magnus says:

    Good technique for single edged bushcraft blades. I prefer holding the spine and offering the entire handle. Safest way is sheathed or place it on a stump or ground for the other person to take. Knife safety is always important.

  11. James Blanton says:

    Hey Zed, another good one bloke, thanks. I can't believe that people, adult people have to be taught or reminded to pass a knife safely or not to run with scissors, oh well. Hope you're well Zed, cheers.

  12. heleloy says:

    In my country (Turkey), handing a knife to someone means you will fight. That's a superstition. When we want to give a knife, or scissor to someone else, we simply put the sharp object on the table, chair, ground, etc. Or we put the knife on the back of our hand, and let the other person take it as he/she pleases.

  13. Darryl Machtmes says:

    I was taught to pass a knife by gripping the spine of the blade, saying the word "here", and releasing my grip on the blade only after the person I pass it to has gripped the handle and said "thank you". that formality was inclusive of all edged tools with or without exposed blades. Safety was paramount, but proper stewardship of the tools was to be maintained so that they were not carelessly damaged.

  14. Intrepido says:

    With all due respect that seems rather odd. Here in the States (well, at least the way I was taught), you cup the handles (from on top of the knife) with the blade towards you spine up! same difference in the way you hand someone a firearm…Thanks for the video my friend.

  15. Stu M says:

    If someone wants to look at your Jacklore, make sure you can run faster than them first 🙂

    Good tips Zed, but blades are like women, get your own! Lol.

  16. Eric Other says:

    Great video. I was taught a slightly different way when I was young, but the concept is the same. I recently saw a video where a knife was handed over point first, and I cringed.

  17. Neanderthal Outdoors says:

    That's a common sense way of passing a knife but not everyone has the common sense to use their common sense ! in that respect they become a dangerous liability and shouldn't be around knives, no matter how much " training " they pay for, atb, Paul.

  18. Zero Pence says:

    Hi Zed nice to see sum one tackling this one as I myself have witnessed someone actually not concentrating passing a knife blade first a very sharp knife so thanks for sharing that mate hope you are well keep on keeping on ATB Keith

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