How To Palm Strike To Knock Someone Out – Street Fight Secrets – Self Defense – Richard Grannon

How To Palm Strike To Knock Someone Out – Street Fight Secrets – Self Defense – Richard Grannon – Richard Grannon NEW …

30 thoughts on “How To Palm Strike To Knock Someone Out – Street Fight Secrets – Self Defense – Richard Grannon

  1. dog says:

    im not even a doctor or anything but that just LOOKS like it would fucking end someones life. what sane person would do this in a fight?

  2. Najwa HAD says:

    gwailodragon.. i see a lot of people saying dont punch in a fight use palms instead as its safer. advice given especially to women. but no one is talking about what i see as a risk of palm strikes which is if you miss with the heel and hit with a higher part of the hand or fingers it will bend your hand back putting a lot of pressure on the wrist and maybe even break it. also if someone goes to grab your hand the same time as youre throwing a palm and as your hands meet they connect with the upper part of your hand or your fingers it could break your wrist. and i think especially for women men will be trying to grab at their arms and hands to control them. for this im not sure if punches are actually safer than open handed palms. what do you think about the palm strike potentially bending back the wrist in this way?

  3. Nixon Chan says:

    Richard or anyone, do u know how to avoid scraping through your thin skin on elbows? l have a great heavy kick bag, "windy" and l wear elbow cloth pads and often wear long sleeves as well when elbowing bag, but often i scrape through the skin. both are permanently marked bot inch long scars. also when scraped can't workout elbow strikes for days :(, tip?

  4. Dustin MacDougall says:

    i laughed at alot of online guys… cuz they techniques they use still get you HURT by these ones…
    (someone who knows banned martial arts moves…. why there banned from mma… they work to well..
    (why almost all royce gracies strikes are banned…[open hand, slaps, 12 to 6. hitting to the pine. neck. back of head.
    head butting. the list goes ON.. and if ppl train there NASTY banned techniques they work better for the street the standard martial arts..) its still martial arts tho :I

  5. anne-marie whittaker says:

    gwailo I was attacked that way by my neighbour a few times to my head &face n I didn't see it coming ,but I did see the open palm, it was too late though he connected with his open palm blow .. wats the best way to protect yourself in unexpected situations wen your adrenalin has kicked in & knowing this guy wants to probably or is going to hit you, but not knowing wen. (future reference would be good to know in a situation like this. hopefully I won't get into one again but ya never know, also I have no intent to strike but will defend my family, friend , children n myself. pls

  6. Aygun Ramisov says:

    Hello guys there is an bully in my school he is always insulting my mother he is 14 years old and im 13 should i try this at him ? If this is not that dangerous. I wanna fuck him up but i dont wanna injury him. Thanks

  7. NPJ Global says:

    I'm a doctor and this video should be entitled, how to KILL someone…  The cervical vertebras are very fragile , and can easily cause full body paralysis through spinal injury..

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