How To Pack A Tactical Chest Rig

This video describes How I Pack My Tactical Chest Rig. Packing tactical gear is sort of a personal opinion thing. So feel free to throw some of the items you pack …

21 thoughts on “How To Pack A Tactical Chest Rig

  1. mechtech1116 says:

    You know, having your bandages right on top of one of the worst spots to be shot seems a bit ironic. I guess they work about as well with holes, but not quite. Just a thought 😛

  2. cctshooter says:

    Does having everything on the front cause it to hang unevenly and cause the back to ride up? Would it be better to have a hydration carrier attached to the back to counterbalance?

  3. megaserg77 says:

    Great video Mr. Johnson – go AF! I was in probably before you were born, late Viet Nam years 74'-81'. On the back part of Cody Hall, Keesler AFB you probably know the place. Anyway, really enjoyed your video. After seeing it I like this rig better, particularly the part that you said it sits down on the floor of a car like an open top satchel. Thanks!

  4. Reality Survival says:

    I dont have a video on a LBV yet but I do have this one which is called "What to pack in a tactical chest rig". Also have one planned on an Condor Operator II plate carrier as well. I would put the link in here but YouTube wont let me.

  5. ChiefPrepper says:

    Do you have any videos on Load Bearing Vests? Like, what you might put in that? Would you keep it similar to this? Also do you still teach survival skills? Aside from hooking us up here on you tube. Lol. Thanks for the vid man.

  6. Dagobert1234 says:

    The little side road is unpaved when we turned off the engine and looked into the darknessWho are these guys back there? Hellen,my wife, looked to me and explained me that we drove into a security checkpoint,manned by private security contractors,battle hardened veterans.JJ was right, these guys are a plague and now we have to deal with them, but not now and here.I pick a map from the right pouch of my vest and check the remaining distance,we can make until sunrise to the designated rendevous.

  7. Dagobert1234 says:

    On the way to the freeway, my minds are drifting away, the first time I met JJ and Penny at the range and the great conversation we had there. He is AR, I am AK but hey, we are neighbours and helped each other out with spare ammo and a beer. I am suddenly blinded by a bright light, some jerks blocked the road and stand on the street. I tiny glass spider hole apears a few inches right of my ear in the front window and I decide to take a short cut and take the family out of harms way.

  8. Dagobert1234 says:

    Its two o`lock in the morning when the last transmission over ham radio came trough. Hurrican Albert is on his way and we need to bug out.Ben, Frank and Sally, our small ones are still sleepy but get their stuff in the 4×4 in double time, thanks to the repeated dry runs we have had the last days. I need two minutes to slip into the blackhawk omega elite tactical vest, take the glocks from the Safe and head to over to our neighbours, Penny and JJ to inform them abourt our departure. Great people

  9. Reality Survival says:

    Doug, to be honest I am currently looking for a new one as well. All of the ones I have are older Blackhawk Vests. One is huge and can hold a ton of stuff and the other is pretty basic. So my experience with is primarily with Blackhawk, and they seem to make pretty solid stuff. Im probably going to be looking a a plate carrier harness with a molle chest rig type setup for my next one…

  10. AusTemplar says:

    Your FAK gear shouldn't be centre-of-mass, that's a bit silly.
    Not sure what you use this rig for, but from my perspective, most of this survival/medical gear would be much better on a belt or in cargo pockets.
    Also the cylume stick could get activated by going to ground, bumping into things or the rig moving under your chair as you say. Thin PVC tubes protect them well.
    Second torch probably doesn't need to be that big, I'd recommend a small headlamp as a backup instead.

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