How to overcome fear in fighting



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34 thoughts on “How to overcome fear in fighting

  1. Zero Commentary Gameplays says:

    there's this guy now who was making a major fight in a bar, there was a 10 year old girl present so i tried talking to him to calm him down, so did several other people but nothing worked. then the barman told me to call the cops so i did, and now he wants to kill me. I'm deathly afraid of this guy because he comes from a dangerous family with 11 brothers, they all did things like armed robbery etc. He hit a guy once and the guy was in the hospital. Any advice on how to deal with this?

  2. Disgust says:

    Now I don’t think it’s wise of anyone to censure coach Peter based on his ideologies and size. His view about overcoming fear is legit. To overcome fear you need to be confident of yourself. And to be that you’ve to be trained – fit and flexible to tackle any attacks. There’s no one size that fits all in self-defence. You might be a MMA champion but if a tiger or lion gonna leap out on you, does your knowledge of fighting matters anymore? You basically forget everything at that moment and concentrate on survival. Your survival instincts kick in and you just go wham! Anyway possible to kill that freaking beast ahead. Does it matter anymore if you got 6 packs or biceps? He might be a retiree in his 60’s but that doesn’t warrant you the rights to decide if he should be a champion street-fighter in his 30’s. Honestly, those who scorned at his outlook are pussies by nature.

  3. Rami says:

    You can’t do nothing about fear it’s your body’s way to keep you safe I hate itt .
    I’ve done 4 Years mau Thai an during a Street fight I don’t do what I would normally do in sparing

  4. MADNEW YORKER says:

    Any pro fighter will tell that you should have some feat before you get it on!!! It's normal, but you have to over come that feat.


  5. Gasmahtab says:

    First of all, calm down and learn that language you´re talking, second these tips are utter nonsense and last finaly recognize the fuck you´re folks are champions in (refering to that poor guy who never will get the credit for the right sport he´s a champion in). Really, what´s wrong wiht this guy? He seems out of controll! be water my friend!

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