How to open folding knives fast



Here’s a video for the new guys. How to open pocket knives quickly This video goes over different deployment methods with different knives. Great for new guys.

24 thoughts on “How to open folding knives fast

  1. eric Liebert says:

    You're good with the back locks, no doubt. Other than knives with really weak spring tension, I haven't usually been able to flick back locks. When you say "dent", I believe you are referring to what is known as the "detent" which keeps the knife from opening in your pocket. Also, why are you in your bathroom?

  2. BarBeast says:

    mate its not silly at all. i have a question i have a brand new CS recon 1 and i have really hard time opening it even after watching your vid. is it by your opinion practice or its just a type of knife. thanks

  3. Joar Flesjå says:

    Great video, mi sharing this tho some frends. I almost never use mi flipper knife, moste mye 940-2 and noe my new spyderco schempp bowie. Love to play whit the new one. Thanks for sharing

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