How to Open Clams



At Tightline Productions we’re not all about fly fishing and fly tying, we also like to eat. I’ve been opening clams since I was a kid and people often ask me to …

40 thoughts on “How to Open Clams

  1. LPS T0XICH3ART says:

    Thank you so much for the video. I am going to get a new job at a clam packing plant. I need to be the top earner per hour. $13.00/he. To start out. Then $15.00/hr.-$16.00/hr. After 3 months on the job.

  2. LittleArmyNut says:

    If you cook the clam in its shell while it is alive, does it disable the abductor muscles so you can pry it open with severing them? Also great video very informative thanks for sharing.

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