How to NOT CUT YOURSELF in a Knife Fight – Raw Silat

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14 thoughts on “How to NOT CUT YOURSELF in a Knife Fight – Raw Silat

  1. Ragamuffin says:

    -Love your vidoes thanks so much for distributing free information. -I have seen videos with you shooting, but do you get to play with guns much? I have always thought I would love to live in Australia but the gun laws would kill me.

  2. Derek Hall says:

    Hey brother. Wasn't sure how else to contact you other than on here. Could you please do a video on how to get out of a really tight handshake? I have learned a few techniques over the years but I recently had someone grab my hand and not let go (Very emasculating). The guy had a super strong grip (picture a mechanic or a plumber). Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

  3. T McCathie says:

    I would love to see some techniques to help adjust my grip while drawing a iwb fixed blade, and some pointers on switching from reverse to forward grip. I practice but those fast switches always seem to allude me.

  4. MinatorK says:

    For concealed carry knives I think you'll like knives by joe Watson or the sayoc rat blade and possibly the dynamis alliance blade and the draw from conceal carry dynamis alliance …. Love your work brother

  5. cifusav says:

    I watch a lot of your videos and they are very helpful to me. I have applied many of your teaching into my life and it has been helpful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge for free.

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