How to Master Basic Knife Skills – Knife Cuts 101



If you’ve ever struggled with basic knife skills then this video is definitely for you. Brunoise, small dice, medium dice, large dice, Julienne, batonnet, rough chop, …

32 thoughts on “How to Master Basic Knife Skills – Knife Cuts 101

  1. Pam LB says:

    I’ve currently practicing this rocking motion and tucking of the fingers and it feels so foreign to me. I guess I just have to keep practicing. I have to say I’ve cooked and baked more in my life due to this quarantine and thank you to all the wonderful chefs, such as yourself, for providing educational videos like this.

  2. Lauren Cheung says:

    Thanks for the informative video, very helpful!
    I got badly cut once when I was in elementary school almost chopped my finger off lol so ever since then I've been scared of knives and hence whenever I cut things it just ends up like the rough chop one since I don't want my other hand to get too close to the food. Time to let my fear go and practise! Thank you chef 🙂

  3. 5Xum says:

    These cuts are pretty and all, but you could feed a family of four with all the side pieces of carrots and potatoes you waste to get a perfect shape.

  4. Marco Adame' Jr says:

    What was the point of mentioning how tall you were and how short your friend was when comparing knife skills? Just thought it was a weird part of the vid. The rest was informative.

  5. Roos van der Scheer says:

    Yey! I am your 1kth liker of this video. Congrats on that milestone!! What a fab video ^^ Thank you so much for demonstrating these. I have landed my first job in a restaurant as an unofficial (no diploma), but yet passionate cook! Therefor I have soooo much to learn.

  6. Anirudh Sharma says:

    I like how you explain the basics in full detail. Making recipes is so much easier if the basics are perfect. Please could you do a video series on the basics like the use of spices, pastry, and just cooking techniques which you think are essential. Thank tou!

  7. daAnder71 says:

    That's a beautiful knife bag. Yet, since it's from what seems to be really thick leather, it must be quite heavy. I also don't understand why most knife bags don't use the individual pockets as sheaths but just for housing the knives' handles. With sheath pockets you would not need to put extra edge protectors on the blades and save time and weight.

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