11 thoughts on “HOW TO MANAGE FEAR IN A VIOLENT ATTACK with (Host Vincent MMA)

  1. gann says:

    This is not just a content this is a blessing, my "motivation" or fear is how if i fail to protect someone that I love ( come from an experience). Doubt, anxiety, self loathing, unconfident always be my biggest obstacles but now u make it my fuel thanks a lot Nick.

  2. Ian Tolton says:

    hey Nick I got jumped by 3 dudes yesterday night when I was getting out of my Jeep. I opend the door and I got lifted off the ground by a rear naked choke he was tall and my feet could not touch the ground. his 2 friends started punching me In the face and body I dropped to my knees because I was passing out his friends were still punch me on the head I stood up and punched one of them. when the other dude grabbed my arms I grabbed his leg and he slipped then I elbowed him on the top of the head twice his friends ran away and I jumped in my Jeep and drove off Id love your help it was my first time fighting multiple people and it was very scary being choked what are some strikes I can use while I'm being choked. thank you

  3. ibeatyourgrandpa says:

    Mr drossos i have a question: how can i avoid energy loss meaning that when i'm angry (enraged) while fighting i feel exausted fatigued i really need to know how to get rid of it because i keep losing fights due to adrenaline and savageness

  4. ZymixProductions says:

    I think personally fear has helped me in some way in the ring or on the mat. In street I have always managed to talk myself out of situations, but always having a plan B on mind.
    I think situational awareness has helped me overall in avoiding problems. Nick Drossos speaks the truth. One reason I love his channel. I was raised around violence, one reason I avoid it as much as I can.

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