How to make Wax Ammunition For Self Defense Drills at Home

Trail Boss Steve Doran shows you how to make wax ammunition so you can practice defensive tactics anytime, anywhere. For the full article, …

21 thoughts on “How to make Wax Ammunition For Self Defense Drills at Home

  1. davkaya says:

    But the wax isn't bad for the barrel? Do not leave some residues and clog the barrel? I won't my gun to become useless in time of need…. I think this practice is a bullshit….

  2. Cormie says:

    Your government works for you? That's a load of horse shit! All your government does is force you to give them money (which i suppose you would call their wages) and try to get as much power as possible!

  3. Wizard Technology Industries says:

    @starcatcher2222 Even in america, you can be denied the right to anything. Sounds like you live a fairly pampered life. One fairly small example is: the right to defend one's self. Lets see… conjecture: Convicted felon living happily as a productive member of society cannot adequately defend him/herself against an assailaint armed with a fire arm. Doing so would automatically constitute 5 years imprisonment for possesion of a firearm possibly facing 5 additional yrs for each bullet.

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