How to Make Inexpensive Training Knives (For Less Then $10!)

I show a simple way to make inexpensive polymer training knives. Materials: Polymer Cutting Boards – Hacksaw Blades …

15 thoughts on “How to Make Inexpensive Training Knives (For Less Then $10!)

  1. Justin Tatum says:

    I train in Kali which is primarily a knife based art so this is a cheap and easy way for me to make trainers instead if buying them. Thanks for the smart and clever idea. I haven't seen anyone wale using a cutting board.

  2. T3KN0 says:

    This is actually a pretty decent way to do it. I salute your ingenious sir. The cutting board is thick enough to the point where the knife wont bend and is strong enough so It wont shatter. I would use this for combat training but not in sparring because the firmness of the knife and I wouldn't want to injure my partner. If you're looking for a decent sparring blade look at Cold steel's training knives. I bought mine for 7$ free shipping and its the best trainer on the market. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO SAVE MONEY!!!!!!!$$$$$ (I am not being paid to advertised cold steel) But still, these cutting board knives would be a fun do it yourself project. Thank you sir.

  3. Barrett Nichols says:

    This doesn't strike me as an extremely safe training knife. I'm pretty sure it won't cut, but if you hit a vulnerable point, like the throat, or an eye, this could do some serious damage. I think it'd be a good idea to tape the edges and point up really good to cushion any impact. I've been in pretty intense training with knifes; my martial arts instructor has us simulate realistic knife fights, so literally anything goes. We can kick, punch, elbow, head-smash, knee, choke, whatever. I've been hit hard enough by a rubber training knife to draw blood, so I'd be careful using that on another person.

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