How To Make Emergency Survival Shelters

This video shows a few basic survival shelters that can be built with a very minimal shelter kit, using a small 5×7 nylon tarp, some 550 cord and a few stakes.

15 thoughts on “How To Make Emergency Survival Shelters

  1. Ukie In The Woodz says:

    Great video, I like the simplicity of the shelters. I went out and tried the "Diamond Shelter" with reflector; thanks for the ideas and explainations. I made a video of it, how can I tag you to credit you for the info?

  2. James Carmean says:

    Nice practical shelter designs. Keeping them low helps for the high winds expected during a storm. I have seen those small tent pegs at REI, but I am inclined to think the yellow plastic ones are more durable for the most part and longer so they are better in sandy or loam soil. JMO. I have started to carry orange Para cord for visibility and tripping hazard prevention, I see they actually make some that is luminous in the dark now too. Certainly a small tarp such as this is very practical. Nice job.

  3. Bill23799 says:

    Thanks for the interesting video. I have several 5' 6" X 7' 6" tarps I have gotten free from Harbor freight with their FREE coupons. They seem very sturdy at 4 mil thick. I was considering putting 2 together to make a shelter half shelter like we had
    when i was in the Army. Those just used one canvas tarp and 3 pole segments and 3 tent pegs per half.

    Do you think you can make a video based on old Army shelter half design?

  4. Reality Survival says:

    If I had a fire, I would go with a Lean to if the rain wasn't too bad. That way I could build a long fire up close and keep warm by it. Without a fire the diamond shaped one man shelter would be the way to go I think.

  5. ChiefPrepper says:

    Good video. Id be using that log as a reflector for my fire as long as the weather permits. Each of the shelters could be better by simply using brush,leaves etc to insulate them. Subbed.

  6. Jaybird196 says:

    I especially liked the one where you could start a fire beneath it (temporarily). There aren't a lot of vids where one shows how to start a fire IN the rain, rather than afterwards.

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