How to make DUO total defense, the best legal weapon against any enemy and danger

What are the best homemade self defense weapons? Protecting yourself and your family all the time is a paramount concern. Today, more than ever, crimes, …

42 thoughts on “How to make DUO total defense, the best legal weapon against any enemy and danger

  1. jack johnson says:

    People need to make sure of laws in your state….construction of a weapon with the intent to cause harm….whether in self defense or not….can land your ass in BIG trouble. This shows "intent".

  2. BJBDF says:

    I really hope people aren't stupid enough to use this dumb ass idea.
    Thinking this will help you defend yourself could get you seriously injured, or even killed.

  3. roscoroller989 says:

    So I'm assuming this video is for people that are knowingly going into a brawl? I thin rope tied to a little metal ring, yea man looks really dangerous. I'm sure you win fights all the time.

    Fuckkn weirdos man.

  4. trevorcarterva says:

    I made a similar weapon using a small socket. The socket is heavy enough that if it hits someone it will do some damage. Even a medium powered swing of the rope could break small bones. I tied the socket to paracord (very tough stuff). I made multiple knots and then cut the excess cord sticking out of the knot, and then frayed the end with a lighter. You'll need about a foot and half of cord. You don't want too much excess cord, because you lose some control. You should have maybe 8-10" of cord between your hand and the socket. Imagine someone taking their knuckle and hitting you on the top of the hand really hard. Now imagine a steel socket hitting you on the hand, but with more force. The swing of the rope adds that extra force.

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