How To Make A Paracord Donut

This is a Survival Kit Tip that shows you How To Make A Paracord Donut. This is a really easy way to store 550 paracord in your survival kit, bug out bag, get …

46 thoughts on “How To Make A Paracord Donut

  1. Bill Fernandez says:

    Great, thanks JJ! I just did this with 50' of 3/8 nylon utility rope that I had in a knotted up loopy mess. Now it's nice and neat and hanging from a carabiner in my garage.

    I can see this would probably be easier with a smoother, thinner rope like paracord but, it wasn't too bad to do with my utility rope. I did stop about a quarter of the way through to test deployment. That went okay but, it did require a little more tugging than I imagine paracord would due to the rougher texture and larger diameter. Still, it wasn't really bad at all.

    I keep some paracord in my backpack for hiking trips. Next time I go through my gear, I'll be repacking it like this.

    Thanks again 🙂  

  2. Brian Veal says:

    J.J., Thanks Brother. You have earned a new subscriber. Thanks for giving us the tools we need when SHTF. I can't wait to watch the rest of your videos. Bless you, Sir.

    B'ham, AL

  3. Josh W says:

    Dude! I used to make these when I was active duty. They work great. I forgot how to do it and I've been looking around forever. Thanks for the video! 

  4. INVISIBLE_III says:

    I really like this idea! Im most likely going to do this with my paracord but what happens when you get to the part where you juat wrapled around your 3 fingers?
    Will you have the 6 feet of cord all by its self or what happens?
    Just wondering, but this is a fantastic idea

  5. karen holman says:

    fantastic way to carry cordage. would u b interested in making me one send to me in nova scotia? a stroke has left me very limited use in left hand hard to make things. ty karen

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