How To Make A Marine Corps Fighting Hole

From 2013. This is NOT a Tactical Video. There Will NOT be any Grenade Sumps, Range Cards, Aiming Stakes or Overlapping Fields of Fire…….Enjoy.

43 thoughts on “How To Make A Marine Corps Fighting Hole

  1. Nect says:

    Awesome, I've got that same shovel – in bright orange from BSA, hopefully it'll keep on lasting, I've used it on a couple of survival campouts and I keep it in my car. Anyone know if it'll last awhile?

  2. DALE thebelldiver says:

    Too much cover is a sign there is something behind it. Also spend time in making mock pits with errors. Just for diverting mortar and small arms fire from your location. It doesn’t hurt to undercut your hole on each side to hide from creeping artillery; ground and air bursts.

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