How To Make A Birds Nest For Primitive Fire

Please add me to your Google + Circles! This is a quick video that shows How To Make A Birds Nest for Primitive Fire.

30 thoughts on “How To Make A Birds Nest For Primitive Fire

  1. Ray Jr. St. Louis says:

    I really like your video and the details that you provide are exceptional. I'm relatively new to making fire using flint and steel, so this video was very informative. I live in Northern Ontario where it's very easy to find white and yellow birch. That said, I use birch bark as my primary fuel source to start the fire but I have heard that using chaga (ground up) works very well to hold an ember. I have not used the chaga but plan on doing so this weekend.
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. Keep up the good work!

  2. redtagman1000 says:

    Added the birds nest video and the char cloth video by grub cat to the flint and steel video on my face book wall. You actually go into detail what to use, how to use it. Ty much. 

  3. Kwa1ski says:

    Nice video. I will definately be using this info later because I just go a new Mora Bushcraft knfe with a ferro rod.

    What backpack do you have in the video around 8:00? It looks like the day pack from LaPolice gear that I have.

  4. Fidget544 says:

    I was taught to save some coals from a previous fire and mix that in to the birds nest or set a few coals down with some dyed grass( birds nest) and use a feral rod to throw sparks into the nest.      You have a lot of good videos and good tips.     Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!

  5. Barbarossa4U says:

    Probably the best birds nest vid on the tube. I've gone to making a handle like a paddle shape too as it helps keep that smoke out of your face and hot hands. If you are in a coniferous area pine duff works good too.

  6. koa sushi says:

    Thanks! Great idea to add kindling to the outside of the nest for rigidity and to jumpstart the rest of the fire.  I'll start incorporating this into my practice.  I like how you show taking your time w/ prep and working the coal.

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