How to maintain a Chris Reeve Sebenza 21 knife



The Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza 21 is an iconic folding knife. But disassembling and reassembling it can be tricky if you dont know how the knife works. In this …

9 thoughts on “How to maintain a Chris Reeve Sebenza 21 knife

  1. DougFLA123 says:

    Does the triangular metal piece on the lockbar, wrap around to the lockbar interface? I always thought the lockbar interface was carbidized, but my Sebenza 21’s look like the metal wraps around to the lockbar interface.

  2. xderiwx says:

    Nice video! Have you ever tried running it on just oil or an oil/grease mix for a little easier opening or would you recommend only using grease for the Sebenza?


  3. Tactical Center says:

    Very good video! well done sir. thats the proper way. and you even apply the correct amount of lube and placed on the correct areas, you also make sure that people know this. very awesome.

    i would avoid the nano oil brand all together as it is absolutely snake oil. i mean if you already have some, use it, but dont go out and buy it, its expensive for what it is and other lube does as well or even better. in fact nano oil when it dries up is nasty and you dont want that in your knife. i could go on and on about why not to use this brand, but if you want to argue i can. very deceitful company.

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