How To Knock Someone Out – Street Fight Secrets – Self Defense – Richard Grannon

How To Knock Someone Out – Street Fight Secrets – Self Defense – Richard Grannon NEW VIDEOS UPLOADED EVERY WEEK …

43 thoughts on “How To Knock Someone Out – Street Fight Secrets – Self Defense – Richard Grannon

  1. Ajib Hussain says:

    Some days before the man who live next to my room which is at rent for study steal my phone and when i ask about that he slapped me so i get angry and punch him twice and got knocked down his nose was all blooded up..

  2. Wild Beast says:

    For the first one it takes time but wouldn't they just dodge because it's pretty obvious what ur gonna do that's what I did to my cousin dodged his attack and fight back it was play fight those

  3. Hello I'm Byttr says:

    I'm going to full on beat the shit out of this kid who thought he would try to fuck up my relationship with my girl and take my friends, he's been hanging with my girl (we broke up) but even before when we were dating, not fighting over a girl just because it's a lach of respect.

  4. Chris Allie says:

    atakan brother, protect your life, not your past, never hit them in the temple, u should know, a good blow to the temple will kill, and also cost your own life, behind bars, or maybe worse

  5. Tanner Crowe says:

    For all the kids in the comments saying you'll use this to fight your bullies, doing so makes you no better than the bully. grow up, and be the man you are and just walk away, it doesn't make you "cool" t go knock someone out because they're an ass.

  6. Jesus says:

    I have a question about this. I was attacked by a man with a spade not long ago, and it was sort of on camera so there is frames of footage that I have seen of what happened. But, I ended the attack by giving this man a typical Right-Cross which landed on his jaw perfectly. He was about 55 years old, I am a very fit 42yo 175lb and I hit him hard enough to dis-locate my own shoulder, but not hurt my hand at all. This gave me a few moments to leave the scene, and I left with haste.
    The footage shows 4 bystanders scooping him up off the ground about 2 minutes later, staggering into a shop, leaning over the counter and dripping blood on the desk while asking for a drink of water.
    That is all I know, but if people who have been in a similar situation. This man has not been spoken to by the Police, I have spoken to them and I would like to know what I can expect later on, legally. ???
    Is it possible that I knocked out some of his teeth, broke his jaw, or was the blood just from inside his cheek?
    I am claiming 100% self defence on this, but I would sleep better at night if I knew that this asshole came off 2nd best.
    I welcome and appreciate any comments from you…

  7. Jason Singh says:

    I got jumped by bullies and they broke my jaw 3 places now it's my turn I had surgery and my jaw is still fucked I wake up in the morning fkn pissed and aggravated I could take em 1 on 1 but they jumped me and kicked me in the jaw when I was fighting the other what do you guys think is a good revenge i got 2 metal plates in my chin and 16 screws now iam down to 8 screws after healing a bit

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