How to kick harder | Master Wong

How to kick harder Muay Thai | Master Wong Wong and a Muay Thai instructor at Diesel gym will show you how to How to kick harder Muay Thai We have a …

36 thoughts on “How to kick harder | Master Wong

  1. Mike Potter says:

    Telegraphing kicks like that you know he is going to kick you before he kicks , ''practice makes permanent'' not perfect. master wong had a taekwondo guy on his show that was lightning fast without any telegraphing , kicks done right

  2. Ziggy Stardust says:

    Mr wong. If I had a 12 years old girl going to school.. A bad man trying to drag her into the bushes… Should she try knocking them out with a punch…. Or eat and rip face and eyes out?

  3. FamousTVvoice says:

    I've blocked a kick like that with my elbow, and while it was a shock to my arm and shoulder, it was excruciatingly worse for the sparring partner who had a limp for a couple of days. He was pissed at ME for doing that, saying I could have broken his leg. I never forgot that, and assumed it to be a good lesson to remember the power of an elbow.


    If Master Wong flippes out and fights MMA etc its gonna be just like what happened when Bruce Lee introduced Jeet Kune Do. So ummmm y'all sport fighters really need to re evaluate your "bravery" behind a key board!!!!!!

  5. Rebecca Rea says:

    Master Wong is teaching martial arts to thousands of people. Can you do that? Really? People criticize , but I don't see them doing any better. Instead of bad mouthing Wong…lets see your stuff. If you are that much better , show us.

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