How to Improve Your Balance for Martial Arts

I made this video to help you learn how to improve your balance. If you like it, SUBSCRIBE! Then take my 7-DAY MARTIAL ARTS CHALLENGE here: …

21 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Balance for Martial Arts

  1. Candace H says:

    Wow, I have got to read this book (Tao of Jeet Kun Do)! Downloading right now. I have an indo board balance trainer, I think it's for surfing but it helps in general, and it's serious fun. I never considered how to recover from loss of balance, nube here, great video!

  2. bruceblackthorne says:

    Lol! this one was hilarious! -Yet a verrrry good strategy to approach and obtain the essence of balance control, even though awkward.
    you could also maybe take some lessons in Drunken boxing for the same results.
    I only hope people don't try this one near sheet rock or a mirror. because a few spills is almost inevitable and essential to conquer starting out. lol.
    *On a personal note..I always love to see someone pull from the knowledge of the master. -well done.
    His insight was a testament to the philosophy of mind striving for unheard of levels of control and efficiency within an art.
    this was the video that got me to subscribe.
    *Did you really directly train with Bruce? ..He has always been my only true idol.

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