Learn ura mawashi geri (hook kick) in this Karate tutorial by Jesse Enkamp (The Karate Nerd). Visit to learn more!

38 thoughts on “HOW TO HOOK KICK (URA MAWASHI GERI) IN KARATE — Jesse Enkamp

  1. Rodrigo Muci says:

    A great tutorial again, Sensei, its a useful kick in my karate school, I walk on the martial arts path, after 20 years of inactivity. Thanks for teach awesome technics Jesse. Keep going. Regards from Chile

  2. llcoolmartine says:

    Good tips for sure. I'm an old fart and last time I graduated I almost tore of my hamstring doing an Ura Mawashi during Kumite. It's an invaluable kick for sure and really good when you are close to the opponent.

  3. Midnight Wolf says:

    i was training this evening and i was training against a black belt, he was coming at me and striking, all of a sudden i felt somebody behind me, i heard their gi move and my vision saw them just behind me.. i punched the one infront of me and gave a reverse hook kick to the one behind me.. it was actually my sensei who was trying to attack me from behind!.. my sensei bowed and said good job!!.. i felt proud of that moment!!.. my Zanshin is on point apparently!

  4. Mckenzie-Graye Evans says:

    Cheers man.This is a kick I struggle with, perhaps the most.It’s partly due to my fitness level (which is about average, maybe slightly below) and the fact that I’m Dyspraxic.This video’s helpful.Osu.

  5. steviek1980 says:

    Very great tutorial! I love the floor drill. It makes you focus on the form of the kick. I like to throw a hard side kick off center to my opponent and snap it back along that line you mentioned to increase speed!

  6. N Chandra says:

    Hallo jesse, pls reply.
    I hv just joined in yoga and karate classes..But I'm totally confused about timing of practicing them @ home, as they are of different nature.pls help me with a perfect schedule for practicing both at home.

  7. Art of One Dojo says:

    Excellent drill Sensei, I like the concept of teaching them on the floor first. One drill I loved when training was my instructor taught us how to do the spinning hook kick by standing in a doorway (To prevent it from turning into a wheel kick or elongating the path of travel). If you use the right mechanics, you should be able to spin in a doorway, snap the hook kick out and retract it back to your fighting stance without touching the frame. It REALLY made us aware of our technique!!

  8. Kenji Brian Kitagawa says:

    Hey I really enjoy your how to improve videos. I've been practicing kenpo and jiu-jitsu since I was 6 and very recently I was diagnosed with a softball sized brain tumor that took 4 brain surgeries to remove and even still I need radiation therapy sessions. In doing so I was living in the hospital for 4 months and learned that many things that i used to do would have been forgotten. Things like auto racing, playing the piano and martial arts are taking a very long time to relearn. Your how to vids are helping me regain my old self again. Thank you.

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