30 thoughts on “How to hold a saber | Hammer grip vs Saber grip

  1. jarekgazik says:

    Hi. First I'd like to say that I like Your channel. You are definitely not a historian who has never had sword in a hand. Now to the topic. There is one more sabre grip that You have not mention – typical for "polish sabre".

    Typical for polish sabre was "paluch" ( "finger"). This ring has 2 types: one that was individually made for a user (more expensive, but allowing for faster moves),
    or generic one

    Another thing is "cutting through steel" :-D. Of course sabre is not for cutting steel, BUT (there is always "but") in the requirements for polish military sabre from 1934
    You will find: "…must cut five 5 mm steel bars without damaging the edge…".

    I remember my grandfather stories (he served in calvary) how effective was sabre used by polish cavalry against german infantry when mounted (usually polish calvary in WW2 was fighting on foot using portable machine guns and light canons, horses were just for fast and effective transportation – in 1939 Poland it was easier to get food for horses than gasoline :-)).

  2. Andrew de la Mennah ☣ says:

    Isn't that a scimitar? What's the most big difference between the scimitar and the saber? or the cutlass?

    I mean, along their users, I know scimitars are older and from Asia (Arabians, Turks, Indians, even daos from China are kind of scimitar) and sabres are late XV century and from Europe (military and pirates tho)

  3. nickyiil says:

    If you really hold a sword like that i hope you don't ever have to defend your life with one.
    Get your hand lower on the guard , don't choke it, that's a sword you have there not a club.
    Relax your first two fingers, the force should come from the little finger,. its your triceps that needs to move the sword, not your biceps.

  4. TheSwedishWarrior says:

    Hello SnapJelly could you make a review of the Swedish Caroleans from the the big northen war?
    It would be intresting to know about or like Swedish kings and what they really did

    Keep it up with your channel and I hope that you will get big on Youtube because you have good content.

  5. Ranziel1 says:

    I don't like the hammer grip at all. When you cut you either have to angle your wrist sharply. which saps the power from the cut and risks injury, or you reduce your reach by a lot. Japanese have their hand angled and grip primarily with the pinky and the ringfinger and I think that's how a straight sword is best used as well. It's just a lot more natural. I supposed there are exceptions, such as tulwar, scottish broadsword or viking sword, but those are supposed to be used with a shield, so the lost reach doesn't matter because you can close the distance easily and start slashing away.

  6. kybjosh moshidato says:

    dude, you missed one of the best ways (in my opinion) to hold a sword. a hammer grip while fingering the guard. its almost a combination of the handshake grip and hammer grip but it locks the blade way more tightly and also aligns it better for thrusts without puttinf more stress on your wrist and it makes no difference in cuts as far as i knoe since you already have the sword pointed at the opponent in one way or another

  7. Dread Coon says:

    Hey snap Jelly, Could you make a review from the Fight between Thorin and Azog from the Hobbit 3?
    It would ne very intresting to know what is realistic and what is just "bullshit".
    Btw nice video:)

  8. Knightlon says:

    I don't recommend that arming sword grip. Try fencing for a while – you will get your fingers hit a few times. So it is better to move your hand slightly toward the pommel. I myself by saber prefer to hold it with a "thumb" grip, which is basically same as the hammer grip except your thumb is bent the other way – toward the guard and it is quite useful for reversed slashes (not sure if reversed is the right word in English, those are the slashes with the side you don't usually slash with (short side)).

  9. Nyikili says:

    I tried that sabre grip (not on a sabre just for curiosity sake) and it was actually a bit comfortable the damn machete I have has a short potato grip and yet it feels right well I had to wrap my index under the guard and thumb pressed closely to the down seems sabre grip made me want to hold this machete unlike before I just held it for a while and put it down when i used to use hammer

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