How to Hold a Knife – Properly Using a Chef's Knife



Do you correctly know how to hold a knife? Learn 4 effective gripping methods, the cutting motion technique, and guide hand positioning. Chef Jon-Paul …

20 thoughts on “How to Hold a Knife – Properly Using a Chef's Knife

  1. Nikky Rivero says:

    Can you do another video, explaining in detail the knife motion going back & how to do so with more control & tips & tricks you gave for working with onions & garlic & mango / avocado? I see people hurt themselves the most trying to carve these plants.

  2. Nikky Rivero says:

    Excellent video!! I see how to keep my fingers safe & not shave off bits of fingernail!! The circular motion I was aware of, no one ever said do not lift the knife off the board to me before, the advise I was given was life the knife off of the cutting board to start the next cut. This will save my fingers, finger nails from getting shaved off & make meal
    prep much faster!

  3. Ryan Petner says:

    Thank u. I was cutting watermelon once and I cut my thumb to the bone and it hit a nerve so it burned a lot afterwords, and hurt. The weird was that it didn't hurt at first. And yes it was super bloody and I got it covered with some stuff but God did that hurt. Now it's just a scar. What scares me is that if I kept going I would only have half a thumb now.

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