How to hold a knife for combat situations

A short instructional video on how to hold a knife securely in combat situations.

18 thoughts on “How to hold a knife for combat situations

  1. V Indicium says:

    Not very good advice. A REALISTIC knife fight isn't so open. An attacker never likes to show you his knife and bring it out. They usually will try to catch you by surprise and conceal the knife so you don't see it.

    But let's say this ridiculously unlikely scenario actually happens. If you reach for the blade of a knife, the attacker isn't going to let you grab it. They'll pull away. So even if you do grab it, you're gonna get cut and they'll still have the knife. Don't listen to this.

    And it's a good tactic to have your thumb on the butt of the knife. When you're stabbing, human skin (or really anything) isn't as fragile as it's portrayed in movies. An amateur will have the knife slip out of their hands most of the time. When you're getting stabbed, it's a reflex for your muscles to tense up in that area making it even more difficult to penetrate the skin. And then you also have to consider clothing. Putting your thumb on the butt of the knife decreases the likelyhood of it slipping out of the back of your hand (as it usually happens when someone is stabbing someone else – anyone with experience can tell you this). Your thumb on the butt of the knife gives you more support for keeping it locked in place. If it slips out of your hand, you'll probably just get cut up – which is why it's a good idea to also have a knife with guards before the blade to make sure your hand doesn't slip so easily.

    You shouldn't have your knife stuck out in front of you either, you should have it at your side. It gives your opponent less reach of it. And you should have a good distance between you and the attacker.

  2. Groen Rizla says:

    This is not a disarming video people. It is only showing a stronger grip to have while using a knife. In fact TKM doesn't teach you to focus on the weapon in disarming as the traditional KM did. Rather it is about controlling the arm holding the weapons, this eliminates the possibility of the attacker pulling the weapon away and using it against you again. You only get 1 chance, make it count!

  3. ambivalent ambiguity says:

    I guess someone may get desperate enough in the split-second heat of the moment and grab the business end of your blade, In which case yea make sure your thumb is wrapped around the handle. but this point kinda falls into the Duh! category of knife fighting tips

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