How to Get Your Knife Blade RAZOR Edge WITHOUT a Sharpener

30 thoughts on “How to Get Your Knife Blade RAZOR Edge WITHOUT a Sharpener

  1. Romeo M says:

    how bout tryit witout showing how sharp it is and test with no cuts on the video and show us the difference none sharp and how sahrp, because I tested and did not work is all b.s

  2. Ambuj Pandey says:

    bro you should do a comparison between a metal made knife and a steel made knife.. I'm literally confused which is the best what are the difference purposes between the 2 different material knife!!

  3. Cliff Barnett says:

    You can also use a 2×4 or belt or wet/dry sand paper glued to wood and it will sharpen her right up if you go 500 grit to 1000 grit and up then ur really going to have an edge. You can also use ur tub if u have a glass like one or anything glass like with sharpen ur knife. river or creak rock thats extra smooth. You can even do it on a window thats closed ive done that too.

  4. Quilting on a budget says:

    or in light of everyone freaking out about ars. saying no one needs them show us your 2 set up for hunting and show people theese are no different than any other gun other than looks…. I need to be your producer

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