How to generate power in close range – wing chun

how to generate power in close range – wing chun How to train to generate power at close range is a very common question and Master Wong tells you how it’s …

23 thoughts on “How to generate power in close range – wing chun

  1. ap0lmc says:

    Why so many Wing Chun instructors have poor no power techniques? Master Wong understands how to generate power unlike the self proclaimed Grandmaster William Cheung who has no power. I am glad I learned Wing Chun from a true instructor not a Bulshido master.

  2. WiseProof says:

    I want to learn how to overcome a heafty strong guys wild hooks. I saw you do it once before, but I couldn't tell which part of the inside of the swinging arm you struck, or with what part of your hand; to neutralize wild haymakers.

  3. joseph gambler says:

    Ipman you are absolutely on the ball. Your comprehension of self – defense mechanism is not only positive way to use your intuition , but , comedic(in we all could use a smile) . It was also very informative on protection hand -to – hand.

  4. Denis says:

    Ok I have a good question, why do Chinese martial arts punches start with the fist on the hip, for a while I have thought it might come from spear movement but now it looks it might have to do something with close range fighting when you can't have your hands up on your face … ?

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