How To Forge Large Throwing Spikes



In this video I will be showing you how to make throwing spikes out of 1/2 inch mild steel round bar, that are super easy to make and throw and stick better than …

11 thoughts on “How To Forge Large Throwing Spikes

  1. SharpshooterJD says:

    Hey Thinker. You are partially right here. That's why I said Bo-Shuriken/Throwing Spikes. They are really throwing spikes, the Bo-Shuriken part is more just a tag. But saying that you can throw Bo-Shurikens from any distance is very misleading. I can't throw spikes with no spin because I can't bend my wrists back far enough. You have to be incredibly skilled to be able to stick them every time even from just a couple of distances. These are just made for recreational purposes. But they are still incredibly effective. I can throw them semi consistently half spin, full spin, 1.5 spin and 2 spin. Which is quite a large range of distances. If you are actually able to throw bo-shurikens from any distance then I guess I stand corrected. And I would love to see a video of you demonstrating your technique as I am very bad at it. Josh

  2. fishingnerdgames terraria says:

    Quick suggestion. make a soup can forge look it up on YouTube. Also I really like your videos but I think you should not have your video so loud when you are hitting the metal. But any ways I really like your vids and I hope you keep up the good work!

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