How to FILM A KNIFE FIGHT: Basics (taught by Stuntman)

Hollywood stuntman shows you basics of how to film a knife fight scene. I cover how to do stunts safely, how to “sell” a prop knife to your audience, where to find …

15 thoughts on “How to FILM A KNIFE FIGHT: Basics (taught by Stuntman)

  1. Hoss Cat Rat says:

    Hey Rustic! I made my first fight scene in a comedy video I did, I was wondering if you could check out the fight scenes in it (fight starts around 1:50 I think) I want to make more serious and realistic ones in the future, and I have been watching your fight scene tutorials religiously, but something just isn't sticking. Please let me know what you think and thanks for the great content !

  2. EdNorty says:

    Eskrima! The Philippine martial art that is everywhere in US action movies… and nowhere in our own movies -_-

    Fucking Philippine cinema, full of love stories and bullshit.

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