HOW TO FIGHT WITH an AXE: Combat Lesson 6 – Defense From The “8”

HOW TO FIGHT WITH an AXE: Combat Lesson 6 – Defense From The “8” || Dmitry Tamoikin 1) HOW TO FIGHT WITH an AXE: Combat Lesson 5 – Spin The Eight …

9 thoughts on “HOW TO FIGHT WITH an AXE: Combat Lesson 6 – Defense From The “8”

  1. John Doe says:

    2:40: POCKET SAND!!!

    Also I hope no zombies watch this video, an axe is one of the best weapons against them.

    On a serious note, do you have any videos on what to do against a more common threat, like knives?

  2. Ruslan _ says:

    loved throwing stuff since i ware a kid. now I think throwing your weapon is not a good idea simply because no matter how well you throw opponent has good chance to move away and you loose your weapon with the little or no damage done. That is true unless hes not seeing you throwing.

  3. TheGunrunn3r says:

    +/-My technique is more like this.

    Seriously, though, I walk with a cane (you might remember), so if I'm attacked, I'd ward off my attacker with the point of my cane while I go for my pistol with my left hand ( I'm ambidextrous). At this point, th guy can run away, or grab the end of my cane to pull me closer or try to unbalance me. If he runs, I let him. If he grabs the cane and pulls, he winds up with a piece of my cane in his hand as it comes apart, and he is facing a loaded pistol and 14 inches of steel. Sword canes are great, no? And living in Tennessee makes the carrying of any length blade legal. Win-win situation.

  4. Johnnie Hansen says:

    Have you tried the Scottish broad sword stance? If I make one suggestion, always keep the axe in your forward hand this makes it much harder to hit your forward leg and if doing proper Scottish broad sword footwork correctly near impossible. I'll try to make a video this weekend.

  5. Angkor Guajardo says:

    I would like to know if the sharpening of the combat ax is the same as the sharp one for cutting wood, And whose head weight is comfortable to handle comfortably
    And excuse me because I'm using a translator I can hear but not write very well English
    greetings from Mexico

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