HOW TO FIGHT WITH an AXE: Combat Lesson 2 – Deadliest Combination



HOW TO FIGHT WITH an AXE (AX): Combat Lesson 2 – Deadliest Combination || Dmitry Tamoikin BOOM. Watch: “scholagladiatoria – Throwing swords, ending …

35 thoughts on “HOW TO FIGHT WITH an AXE: Combat Lesson 2 – Deadliest Combination

  1. Pump It! says:

    Brilliant man. Non nonsense guide to quickly ending a violent encounter. I;ve been looking at the more 'martial art' style of axe fighting, and signed up to some online courses, but I always feel as if it's too dependent on facing up against someone with a similar fighting style. Your guide is a much more power focused holistic approach which I imagine will be easier to master due to its simplicity. Your axes are insane. Love them. Abit out of my price range right now, but your website is bookmarked. Sending respect from Olde England to Siberia.

  2. Juraj Kovacik says:

    1.25 I disagree about taking our mother nature so negatively-of course, you do your thing on the video, I understand, but we in slovakia say-the unhappiness doesnt walk through mountains it walks through people-it means in towns etc….I myself was witness of some "bad" people meeting my way when hiking but they were somewhat more tranquille than in the towns – the work of nature…finally where do you have all these islam attacks and other? in the beauty of forests? no….in towns…

  3. Flyker says:

    just found your channel – did enjoy part 1 a few minutes ago – now after part 2 i did sign in to your channel – thx lots … will practice and come back soon… greez from DEU

  4. ScarryKid Scarlett says:

    I just started using throwingaxes from sog. It really makes fun and I think I'm not doing so bad. I can't really use a huge axe, I tried but they are just too heavy for me to throw and I think because of that I would block myself on the weight. So I decided it would be more useful for me to use two lighter throwingaxes. Decreased range but more speed eventually. But I have to throw them spinning around which is not that easy because you need to guess the distance, force and spin. But I think it would hurt and distract even if the thin handle hits and I have the second for a close followed strike. I don't know how effective it would be but likely I will never need it anyways. But knowing I would be able to fight gives me confidence and It's not my only weapon. I usually wear a Karambit around my neck when I go to the woods.

  5. Brendon Walker says:

    what if you hold the axe in two hands and swing the axe in a regular forehand downward diagonal swing, then twist the two hands so that the axe blade arcs around into a backhanded hit with the back side of the axe, using it more like a hammer? This will shut down the vulnerable side while returning the axe quickly to the forehand strike. one,TWO! one, Two! the backhand hit is almost as strong as the forehand. It's a way to maintain offense/defense strikes continuously. Like the vid, horoshye ochyen! cool

  6. Algiz says:

    Actually, everyone knows the deadliest Russian combo is vodka and zakuska. Shove those at your enemy enough and all they can do is pass out whilst burping ferociously.

  7. Ma Chatte says:

    it is amazing the way you explain…very good technique i have to finish my vodka and practice outside with a cat that always pass by my window…thanks for sharing….

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