HOW TO FIGHT WITH an AXE: Combat Lesson 1 – Defeat Your Enemy

HOW TO FIGHT WITH an AXE (AX): Combat Lesson 1 – Defeat Your Enemy || Dmitry Tamoikin No living trees were harmed during this video. Please practice …

35 thoughts on “HOW TO FIGHT WITH an AXE: Combat Lesson 1 – Defeat Your Enemy

  1. Ninja Wizard says:

    One thing I find effective is if you bring your axe arm to the opposite side shoulder and strike across your body opening up wit your other arm in front which could have a shield or another axe

  2. Southern Knight says:

    If you actually worked out, you would understand why he isn't wearing a shirt. You sweat and clothing soaks up that sweat and retains it, thus you then get cold and hypothermia. Those poking fun at him being shirtless, are simply showing their own stupidity.

  3. Barskor1 says:

    I like the style you show Dmitry, Fighting axes the back end is for bludgeoning and there is a spike for thrusting. Sweeping the legs in the tomahawk style is very effective too.

  4. Ricco Muerte says:

    Well, the main problems with handling in any weapon in dangerous situations are: law restrictions(knives, guns etc.), availability ( sword is an excellent weapon but hard to carry in public placces or work. People react in weird ways…strange.) and the obvious fact that person who cares weapon will become visible target for soldiers(ekhm, zombiesoldiers). Axe is very good choice – considered as a tool, available in any hardware store, cheap, and much more effective than blunt tools such as crowbar or hammer…Great instructional videos!

  5. Shlami Mk4 says:

    Its a good Idea to know how to fight with it if you use it for bush craft. If you go out to the woods as far as you can to get peace and quiet and test your skills, you may not be the only person out there. Drugs smugglers, human traffickers gangsters getting rid of bodies etc. If you are bump into guys like that, then why would they risk leaving you as a witness? Also there are wild, or poorly domesticated animals. If you're attacked when you actually are carrying it you got to be ready to use it! Obviously thou, my first piece of advice is to run like fuck if you can.

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