How to Fight with a Longsword

After unearthing the immaculate historical artifact commonly referred to as A Knight’s Tale, Brian asked around to learn more about the sword thing. Little did he …

18 thoughts on “How to Fight with a Longsword

  1. Emre Vurgun says:

    the trainer guy kept them too much apart man. even for beginners that distance is too much and made sir Biran be in a less strong position , i would have been mad at that if i was there 😀

  2. The Lieutenant says:

    You guys forgot that swordsmen, knights, and other ground combatants of the medieval age would wear armor. A slice from a sword would do very little to a plate of armor. The only real killer would be a thrust and even then most people wore padded armor underneath the plate. Medieval combat would start elegantly and then devolve into almost a fist fight where two armored combats try to get the other on the ground. Once the enemy is down, then you stab him through his eye slits with a knife. This is only one of many scenarios, but I’d imagine Armored combat is far different from unarmored duels.

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