How to Fight with a Karambit – Regardless of your style & experience!

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7 thoughts on “How to Fight with a Karambit – Regardless of your style & experience!

  1. nick_o_shay kendall says:

    complete sense finally.nearly spat my coffee out when you said " no it's a punch that knocked your teeth out " so very true the reality is martial arts are just that art ! street brawling is completely different way more testosterone flying around for a start .I'm new to karambit it's been a long time since I had any intrest in martial arts .but having a 14 year old daughter we have both taken up the use of trainers to keep it legal in the UK as a impact wepon and directing system .anyway she also liked your style "raw" no shit it's raw. kill or be killed in it's basic form if it works the other guys on the floor job done simple and thsts exactly what I want my daughter to be able to do we live in a ruff place so will be peace of mind knowing she can look after her self when we flow she can easily drop my to my knees and I'm a big guy like you silat has really impressed me with it's brtality I love it .anyways thanks for the videos there super helpful grate work you make so much sense

  2. Al Thill says:

    I've carried the Karambit for 5 years now, but I've always cut the finger hole into a U shape. The way I was taught to disarm, wrist capture and smack the flat side of the knife, made me worry about losing a finger when I'd practice with my plastic in class. a small portion of the U extends beyond my index finger, which when struck hurts like a mother, pretty distracting. I know it takes away from the true Karambit style, but I like it.

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