How to Fight with a Dagger

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38 thoughts on “How to Fight with a Dagger

  1. The Modern Rogue says:

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  2. Gary says:

    15:09 where Jason was wiggling the dagger around to measure what he could reach while the instructor was talking was extremely funny to me for some reason. He was just doing his own science there for a second lmao.

  3. tada king says:

    i saw on another fight programme that forward dagger is actually superior to defensive dagger handling. i forgot whats the program but the simulation was demonstrated by special forces around the world.

  4. Ron MCCARTY says:

    Differences between eastern and western knife fighting Arts in many ways I prefer the Western knife fighting Arts but they're all good! Just remember that the Spanish went to the Philippines and they adopted some Western techniques! So don't get hyped up on your fucking Southeast Asian bullshit!

  5. themadking 724 says:

    "Far easier to interpret dagger manuals from that time period". What? Both Master Fiore's dagger and the dagger section in the codex Wallerstien are great resources to learn from. And are just as easy (if not easier) to interpret. With Fiore's treatment of the dagger being the most complete and practical historical dagger system that we have. Also both hugely drawf Meyer's on tiny slice of material on the weapon. Not to mention they are both around 200 years older. I'll assume he just prefers Meyer's work but his statement feels misleading.

  6. Al Pachinko says:

    As a karateka, I can't help but see applications/extensions of gedan barai, soto uke, jodan age uke, hiki te etc. It's amazing how perspective/interpretation and application can transcend systems/"styles". Have you guys ever done a karate bunkai/kali/eskrima/Okinawan kobudo episode? New viewer/subscriber here. Keep up the good work.

  7. Danny Hampton says:

    I thought it was kinda funny when he said he never thought to strike with the pommel. IDK if it is because I grew up with games or because of movies with melee weapon fighting or my general interest in ancient melee weapons as well as archery, but I've always thought of every part of a weapon is the weapon, even your shield and armor is a weapon. Blade, pommel, and cross guard are all weapons. On a spear or any pole arm you have the blade, haft, and butt/pommel. On a axe you have the blade and the pole (spiked or hammer). A general shield bash can throw you off balance, a shield boss to the face will do damage, and a shield edge to the throat can kill. While boxing with people while wearing full plate is not ideal, if they don't have a helm on you have a lot of weight and metal fist to punch them in the jaw with. If you are fighting for your life you will use anything you can to win. Even with modern weapons, when someone is too close you smack them with the butt stock then stab with bayonet or shoot them or all three.

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