How to fight someone bigger and Stronger than you

How to fight someone bigger and Stronger than you For more Videos Subscribe to me ➜ How to fight someone bigger and Stronger …

39 thoughts on “How to fight someone bigger and Stronger than you

  1. Matt Nobrega says:

    Master wong is the physical embodiment of bruce lee. I would like to me him. Wish he would come to the u.s.
    I'm a former marine and I would like to learn what he knows.

  2. lr says:

    Of course nobody would go looking for a problem with somebody bigger than themselves. Usually a bully trying to get one up on somebody smaller in any location, and any age.

  3. Leonardo Bajana says:

    I admire your martial skills. I recently subscribed. have you come to Boston? I wonder, I like to see your practices in person. You are the man. Try having a vid where you fight someone at your level. Must interesting

  4. Emma H.K. says:

    I just discovered this channel and I just want to say thank you, this may be really useful in the future
    I'm 13 and there a lot boys in school who are older from me because I skipped a grade you can say so most are 15
    and I'm also do smaller and more petite
    They are always saying empty threats and mess with each other a lot but also they bully some others and I really want to stop them
    and when I say I'm small, I'm not really small comparing to average but comparing to boys I am
    usually everyone who is tall or strong in appearance is always more… feared you can say?
    I hope I'll learn a lot from this so I can protect myself and help others
    I moved countries and my best friend is alone now and some boys are always teasing and messing with her and talking about how fat she is and really mean stuff and the popular girls are always talking bad to her and saying stuff like "fight me bit*h" and that

    I really want to confront them about this- if they keep saying they want to fight they should fight and not just be all talk
    I'm known to be a soft person and not serious so I always use that card and talk everyone out of a fight but I really just want to laugh when girl are just pretending to be intimidating when in reality they didn't even think about training and practicing- maybe they do but if they barely used to lift a hand in sports I don't think they do
    I also used to train karate, but the instructor really didn't teach us anything, we just kept repeating the same all over
    I was a beginner but the instructor told me I have sharper moves than a green belt and I should use that to my advantage too
    I want to start learning kung fu but I don't have the money to go to a course and I don't have the space at home to learn
    I just hope I'll learn enough to survive with these videos
    sorry this turned into a really long comment and probably no one will read it because this is a pretty old video
    but if anyone suggested anything I would really be grateful

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