How to Fight & NOT GET HIT… Clinch Fighting Leg ATTACKS



How to fight and not get hit in a street fight. This week we look at how to defend against punches in street fights. How to prevent getting hit in the face by clinch …

36 thoughts on “How to Fight & NOT GET HIT… Clinch Fighting Leg ATTACKS

  1. Horse Footrot says:

    Hahaha great timing for this vid. This is exactly what I doing against a sparring partner ( he’s Muay Thai trained) last weekend. I was forcing the clinch, then just all over him. Kept him off balance, took his heels/stance, constant alternating strikes, pushing, pulling, and just aggressive. Him and I spar a lot. He noted I was making it really tough to counter strike by keep him really really busy. Yet another great video. Thank you Sir.

  2. Jayk Potter says:

    Thank you BOTH !!
    I like how you got our Nick off balance and then stomped his knee/shin etc, or do one of the classic Judo throws (Kouchi gari/Kosoto Gari) break his balance via his head, basically you have conveyed a sense that this is not about one prescribed "technique" but anything that works within an ever changing situation!

  3. edi says:

    How about elbow-drops or trying to lift him up with your knee? It´s really surprising how strong legs are compared to the rest of your body. Plus, if someone is slightly tilted it doesn´t take much to flip him over.

  4. Paddy Obrien says:

    Your a top notch teacher!…I especially like the under arm hold! fighters don't realize how great of a holds that is and also your form of fighting requires lot of common sense moves which you employ
    Be safe across the pond

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