How to Fight Multiple Attackers

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22 thoughts on “How to Fight Multiple Attackers

  1. Brudaaa says:

    If i ever face a situation like this. I don't wanna kill the group of attackers breaking their neck lol. I just need to know how to knock them out. I can't be bothered to get into trouble with the police or the friends of the attackers.

  2. Rohith Rohith says:

    Nice technique, but how to identify that you are circled because you are talking to the leader, and your arms are caught by the attackers but then you realized you are circled and leader starts attacking. This hole process occurs in split seconds , How to escape?…

  3. Apex Crew says:

    Master Wong ……… I'm in a great trouble of getting backstabbed by multiple opponents and the same time plz help me with this problem the opponents are about 10 and I m 1 plz help

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