How to Fight Multiple Attackers | 5 Rules to Survive & Defend Yourself in a Fight

▻ How to fight multiple attackers with 5 simple Wing Chun techniques …

34 thoughts on “How to Fight Multiple Attackers | 5 Rules to Survive & Defend Yourself in a Fight

  1. Jae Lee says:

    Quickly get to your car before the gang gets to you. And run them over if possible. When outnumbered always be cunning. So to recap. Disengage if weak. Engage if strong. Car is stronger than gang. Good to go. Insurance will cover it. You'll have to pay a little premium. Always save money for a rainy day.

  2. johnny102marvin says:

    The 6th RULE is to practice running the 100 yard dash as fast as you can so that you can outrace everyone except professional runners, but, you should be able to outrun the average athelete and especially non-atheletes. Lets' be real about this, your only hope is to practice being a really fast SPRINTER. As a 72 year old martial artists I practice sprints everyday.

  3. Drake Savage says:

    you said in the "real world" you would never have a situation where the defender could take them one at a time. I watched the bouncer at Grant's lounge in Macon,GA do just that. To enter the bar there was a narrow staircase. He took out five…one at a time. Rare situation, but it did happen.

  4. Grande Artiste says:

    I firmly agree with 4 out of his 5 principles.  Like a few others, I'm not so sure about the fourth step of taking anchors.  The principle of defending against multiple assailants (assuming escape is not possible at the moment) can be summed up as such, "Like sand in the wind, keep moving".  He follows that principle as you can see, because it is absolutely paramount that you do not get encircled.  Keep moving, attack the group, that is, counterattack, don't leave 100% initiative with the group.  Watch the youtube video where a guy with just the basic boxing skills defends himself against what looks to be a loose mob.  He goes after the members, jabbing and giving effective right crosses that repel the individual assailants. So in this video, taking anchors means getting tied up with one of the assailants when you should be flowing quickly around the assailants so they cannot encircle you nor mount a continuously coherent attack.  That said, sure, you will get punched and kicked.  He advised not to use kicks.  I think he meant kicks higher than shin and knee level, which I can agree since it will slow you or stop your evasive movement.  But you shouldn't rule out low shin and knee kicks if the opportunity presents itself.  Another principle not discussed here involves going after the leader or the largest person, which has a psychological effect upon the gang attack.  But as you can see, the leader might be in the middle of the group.  This principle probably applies best to only two attackers.  The leader will typically position himself in the middle of the group.

  5. The Inspiration says:

    once in high school i fucked up 7 boys down.
    That day was really heating and tempered.
    i was angry as fuck.
    and i used all my energies to beat them up.
    and i had i own technique.
    and i was mentally and physically strong those days…i was the boss at high school.

  6. Elcipop 211 says:

    I was riding my bike home from school today and a group of kids were trying to steal my bike and threatening me and calling me names and they were all faster and stronger than me and I'm not that good at fighting and my phone was off and no one around but cars driving by

  7. TeiKh3n xD says:

    The problem on the realistic simulations you perform, is that your group still respects you, and are not in rage.
    The "realistic simulation" may be good for training, but not as realistic reference.

  8. George V says:

    Circle the pack! … The prey, becomes the predator!!! ….

    Become emotionless! …. Don't engage in conversation with anyone, not even someone that you are protecting. You may not be able to run away from the pack because you are the first line of defence, and you are either giving someone who is with you a chance to get away, or you have to stay, because the person or persons that you are defending can't get away for a myriad of reasons! …

    Effectively! You are
    cornered!!! …

    Stay calm! …
    You know what needs to be done. A controlled adrenaline release can last upto half an hour!!! …
    A uncontrolled adrenaline release, will be totally used and spent in fifteen seconds! …

    You will know exactly what needs to be done, … "naturally!"

    Don't forget your protecting that which you love with all your heart, plus Justice, dignity, integrity, truth and above all else, "Freedom!" …

    Love when it is mixed with adrenaline, thousands of hours of practice, millions of year's of evolution and calmness with a definite goal to reach, that you have set for yourself …..
    will make you appear superhuman, because you will be superhuman!!! …

    Put your tongue under your pallet, push all the air out of your lungs with your diaphragm, the breath in will be natural, meditate on your adversaries, become your adversaries!!! …

    "Become …..

    "Fortune Favours
    The Bold!!!"

    PEACE!!! LOVE!!!

  9. Kevin Wilkes says:

    classic thanks for the 5 tiles on evade and excape, if you happen to read my response, would you in your spare time do videos on these topics ,my name is Kevin , I am front Chicago, I have a cane and braces on my legs, I don't have great flexibility, how do I defend myself, If my arms are injured how do I defend myself, my last question there are a lot of dogs and the pitbulls and Shepard dog are growling and moving to attack , how do I defend myself against dogs, A lot of instruction say kick or run but I have disability, how do I defend myself, thanks fight science, I hope you get to make a video for us the disable, classic

  10. Precious Gaming™ says:

    Lol this guy threw a heavy piece of ice at my eye and I literally couldn't see so I spinning back kicked him and he went flying in to the little hill behind him, and now he got his 20 y/o brother (im 13) and 4 other 12 and 13 y/o's and now he wants to fight me, HE was like "I am gonna get my college friends" lol I was gonna laugh but then I thought wrong time… I'm also a Black Belt in karate i've been doing it for nearly 5 years, but it couldn't hurt to watch some videos. I honestly think I could kick his ass but then again I don't wanna start a fight.

  11. marcsl1974 says:

    thanks for sharing. i have learned these theories too only it was explained in a different way.
    I have experienced that this really works.
    I am looking forward to your next vid.
    greetings from holland

  12. yuowatcher says:

    This is great tactics (or strategy I should say). Add to that and your hand combat skills a weapon which you should be trained with and able to deploy, and this will grossly improve your survival chances.

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