How to Fight Mercenaries in Assassin's Creed Odyssey – Best Way to Play

One of the biggest changes to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the addition of the bounty system. Gone are the days of automatic desynchronization for bad …

44 thoughts on “How to Fight Mercenaries in Assassin's Creed Odyssey – Best Way to Play

  1. Not Witty says:

    I once had to fight a mercenary while angry citizens where hitting us both with brooms and shovels. I Killed the mercenary but died from a broom to the face

  2. Guido Gos says:

    I know it's not the warrior way and certainly not the spartan way but some waypoints like Athena in Attika are so high that you lure them to you and they can't find you while you send them to Hades.

  3. BH Ramsay says:

    It's occasionally useful to have a two or three tier wanted level going into legendary beast fights the Mercs start fighting the beast and any minions they call in so a long slog can suddenly become a much easier fight.

    Taking down.mercs non-lethally can net you useful crew members for your ship. There's few joys as sweet as watching the bruiser who was trying to kill you a few minutes ago cutting through enemy units like a scythe through wheat

  4. Tom Hughes says:

    There was one mercenary who I wanted to recruit, but they were too powerful for me.

    When I finally leveled up high enough to fight them, they are now in the fighting pits meaning I can't recruit them now.

    Is there a way to get them out if the pits?

  5. John Parker says:

    My favorite method is to lure them to a high building or Temple, something they can’t climb! Then hit them with explosive fire arrows until their life bar is low. Lastly, use the shadow of nyx to sneak up from behind and knock them out to recruit for a Lieutenant for my ship.

  6. abjsf69 says:

    I'd climb on top of a tall roof or pillar, crouch and pummel them with elemental arrows and devastation shots.
    No fuss, no muss…makes life easier.

  7. TopShonuff says:

    I use Stealth. It will take 50% of their life.
    Then Immediately use Warrior ability Rage, use Fire ability and then Overhead Head Attack ability. It kills them fast.
    Or just use my Hades Bow and I let them burn to death.

  8. Darren Hopkins says:

    They follow your footprints i swear. This mf talos chased me halfway across the island without ever catching sight of me and now hes staring intently at the bush im hiding in and wont go away

  9. Brandon Lee says:

    Mid/late game, use ikaros to locate, artemis arrow through walls followed by devastating shot when they show themselves, else artemis all the way, 3-4 shots headshots should do the trick.

  10. Jimmy Djomo says:

    To kill the higher level mercs, I personally use the hit and run tactic: get a lot of assassin damage, use a lot of crit damage and crit chance engravings, open with a critical stealth attack, throw in a Hero strike, use vanish, wait for adrenaline to refill, use rush assassination, fight a little, use vanish, repeat the process. Aside from the many deaths during the fights, it works rather well on Hard

  11. Alex Fuente says:

    Another hiding and arrow trick is using the ghost arrow of Artemis. They don't detect you period because they can't figure out where that shot comes from. And a high archery mastery passive combined. Just wait for the adrenaline to refill. This is especially useful when you want to knock a target out without getting jumped by other ai's. Just use your knockout arrows. Depending on your armor boosts and Hunter lvl this can be done in 1-3 shots on most mercs

  12. Amjad Khan says:

    I was at some farm and this merc showed up, i started fighting him and accidentally hit a farmer. Next thing I know I had several farmers attacking me along with the merc. I managed to hold my own and just when I was starting to feel like a badass….a damn chicken killed me.

  13. KreativeKill says:

    1:42 I REALLY regret NOT recruiting Euanthe and the "Sauron" Mace.

    imagine two mallets of everlasting flames in a mercenary ship battles. how sick would that be. time to load up that other save!

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