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  1. Dallas Key says:

    horrbile advice you are gonna get pepole killed with this. to defend agasint knifes isnt simple and just backing away from your attacker is more useful than this. keep backing up very fast he will be coming forward and has soon has he slashes and you get a good chancer duck and weave to the side. from here straight uppercut to the dick of jaw and very arrgesive attacks it isnt gonna work everytime but its your best bet.

  2. Grande Artiste says:

    Shane passed the test for a legitimate self-defense instructor.  How?  His first advice was, if you can, RUN!  If you can't, give the wallet or the money; your life is worth much more.  Every legitimate self-defense instructor on YouTube and elsewhere starts off his self-defense instruction like that.  No one advises going all-out Bruce Lee,  at first, 'unless', you are ambushed and must fight immediately.  Shane also starts with the moral, ethical, and legal disclaimer, "Violence should be only for self-defense."

  3. abdelhak auxiliary says:

    is the video sarcastic or is it serious, because at that point, and having seen too many of ACTIVE SELF PROTECTION and SENSHIDO videos, i cant believe this guy is serious………. i really hope this video is just a big sarcasm that i can't understand

  4. Nordic Muslim says:

    I'm sure Shane is a far better fighter than me, but i'd only do this if I practiced it enough to be strong, fast and consistent. Otherwise you might just kick their hand and lose your balance while they rush you, or even pull a muscle. A kick anywhere else may be an option like to the knee or the chest but that's closer range, just anything to keep your distance until you can escape or get a weapon of your own, that includes anything nearby. But i'd assume they'd be rushing you and a side kick to their knife wielding hand would be hard unless you knew you could do it.

  5. Darkizer says:

    i think that's why it's called martial arts, you need to learn it first,

    if you learn krav maga, you probably gonna grab and hold that hand, then throw some punches
    – its problem if the enemy strength is doubled or 3 times stronger than you

    if you learn some kick technique such taekwondo, you gonna kick that hand until the knife got off. then fight / flight.
    – its problem if you miss the kick, you probably got stabbed

    if you cant even kick , grab, or even sprint 100m , just give him money.
    -its problem because you loses some money..

  6. the big bad wolf says:

    Another Thing you can do, which is extremely risky, because if it fails, your dead meat for sure, iso thow yourself to the ground, which distracts the attacker, turn on your side, hook one foot behind the heel and slam the other into their knee. A kick like that can not only shatter their kneecap, but it can break their Joint as well. An injury like that will never heal completely!

  7. Love says:

    This will only work if the assailant DOESN'T actually want to stab you. Otherwise he will clinch and stab, which is what makes knives so scary, and distance so important. You just squared up to a dude with a knife.. In most cases, that's a big, and your last mistake.

  8. Rock Pillar says:

    What a joke .this is a joke! This is the video mister psychoskills was talking about on his channel! You are suggesting an inside crescent to knock a knife out!!! Lol you are not a seasoned street vet. You are getting people killed!

  9. ThatGuyonYoutube says:

    I've had to do this once before, it was probably one of the worst feelings I've ever had seeing someone pull a knife on me, but I'm just glad I was able to get out of the situation. Shane I really appreciate what you do and why, although this happened before I'd seen this video, it can still help people who are unlucky enough to find themselves in similar situations. And I can't stress this enough, watching the video isn't enough, you need to go out and practice these techniques so they become second nature. Thankfully i was able to react fast enough when it happened to me, but I can only believe that's because of the amount of time and effort I've put into training. Please don't assume seeing the motions is going to save you, this is a place to start your training.

  10. Kobies Boxing says:

    Much respect to Shane for his fighting skills, and his ability & willingness to teach people how to fight. But I must disagree with his way of disarming a man or a woman. That kick to the knife just doesn't seem like a high percentage way of doing it especially if you're not a well trained martial artist.

    But a better way would be to reach in with your hand from the outside of his hand & gain control of his hand or wrist as you push his hand or wrist to the opposite side of where your body & face is located. Then follow up with punches(from your free hand), and knees to the exposed body & face of the bad guy. In which next you knee his weapon hand however many times in order to knock the knife out of that hand. And lastly you kick the knife away.

  11. Kobies Boxing says:

    Even though I've practiced disarming techniques of knives & guns I still realize it's a very dangerous situation that can get you killed if you try to disarm them or if you comply with no fight back. And with all that said I'm not giving my money or any of my goods to somebody that's pointing or charging me with a knife. But I didn't say that I wouldn't get the hell away from them.

  12. Gwenn Blei says:

    Hey, I usually love your videos, but I think you're wrong on several points there. First of all, this kick won't necessarily make him drop the knife, even if it lands. I used to spar with my brother( he used a simple marker pen to simulate the knife) And even when I landed that kick, he kept the knife in his hand, the only effect was pushing his hand away. Also in many knife attacks people just run at you while stabbing wildly instead of staying at fighting range and sparring with you like in the video. Then don't think a slash or a stab means you're dead, there are many cases were people survived apparently lethal stabs, and it's quite rare for a knife slash to actually be lethal. Generally with a knife, even wounded you can keep on fighting, and you'll have good chances to survive afterward, quite realistically, if you fight someone with a knife it's quite likely you'll be wounded, but you have to keep fighting. Honestly your best chance in a knife attack if you can't run, is to trap the knife hand, from there you can strike vulnerable areas, and try to take the knife off your opponent's hands. (edit : Also for slashes, simply wearing clothes are likely going to prevent the blade from slashing you, clothes won't help for stabs though.)

  13. Jeff Reeves says:

    The best defense for a knife attack is to run like hell and get away by any means necessary. A knife in a ready position will beat a person drawing a gun, and trying to start a knife fight will just result in both people dying. Most people that know how to use a knife will never hold it in a stereotypical "please disarm me" pose; they'll keep it close to them, generally at the side of their hip. Additionally, most attackers will not bother with trying to slash at you, they'll use their other arm to try to grab you or create an opening so they can stab you repeatedly. Just watch anytime someone gets shived in a prison. Do you see anyone kicking a shank out of anyone's hands?

  14. Kyle Williams says:

    I dont know. Just popping their hand with your foot to send it flying isn't exactly a good idea. If they see your leg move at all, all they have to do is turn the blade down. And you just got shanked in the foot.

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