How to FIGHT a BULLY with Nick Drossos krav maga

In this weeks fight analysis we are breaking down a fight with a bully. Subscribe to Nick Drossos: …

45 thoughts on “How to FIGHT a BULLY with Nick Drossos krav maga

  1. AlexIsModded says:

    What a little punk! Hopefully, that's the last time that kid ever puts his hands on anyone. The taller kid, I give him serious props for how he handled that. Hard to tell if he has any training or not, but he's definitely got some great instincts.

  2. Crime Crusader says:

    I wanna fix the tag on Nicks shirt so bad lol
    Loved this video of this fight from the first time I saw it. That little twirp got what he needed! Thanks for all your videos, I've learned a lot

  3. Diana Torres says:

    Ive been watching all your videos. I love them. I was hoping you can help me with some tips on how to fight off a girl who goes straight to pulling my hair. I have a huge curly afro. All the fights I get into everyone goes straight for my hair. Its a pro and con because Ive noticed I can use it to my advantage because their so focused on my hair I can get good blows to their face since their hands are normally too occupied with my hair. I never get "tested" when I have my hair in a bun. Only when I have my hair out. The fights tend to escalate so quickly I don't get a chance to put it up. I come home with a massive headache from all the pulling and my neck hurting really bad the next day. I never start a fight I just always get grabbed from behind or when its face to face they tend to go straight for my hair and drag my head down and their goes the basic reaction to knee me or upper cut me. would you be able to make a video on how to get out of a situation like that for curly hair girls like me that is sick and tired of girls going straight for their hair. ( P.S I know how to defend myself I just can't seem to avoid getting my hair pulled out of my scalp. If a chick actually fought me blow for blow I would probably give her a hand shake in the end and tell her it was a good fight because she didn't pull a pussy move and go straight for my hair like everyone else.)

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  5. Flavi Artoisus says:

    heres a way to fight them.

    first- Use anything on your disposal, bullies are more likely to stop threatening you if you get your hands on a rock or pole. Beating them with it is optional.

    second- fight dirty. Scraming around like a Germanic barbarian is more likely to terrify them. Biting them and kicking them in the balls are very effective. Spitting at them will also do some interesting effects.

    third- Fight them like you want them to die. This is the thing that bullies are not prepared for somone whos willing to kill them. They rely on their confidence and your fear, attempting to kill them would turn their offensive approach to steal your lunch money and etc into fighting for self defence and safety. I fought a bully with this approach, the approach was effective and the bully was grabbing a plastic sign and was backing away.

  6. Alex Ojieda says:

    dude your channel is bullshit and you're teaching fake martial arts, you've seen too many action movies and you would get your ass whooped by a real mixed martial artist, that's why you have no fighting experience you just talk about all these things that you make up but you never tried them in a real fight.

  7. Phan Boy says:

    I remember that the clip with this kid ended up on the news and the kid who defended himself gained some fame for defending himself.
    When I first saw that slam I could only thing about how brutal it was.

  8. Cl Va says:

    ohhh, very nice…may Hashem bless you, forever…i truly love you (not in a "weird way")…you ARE the best…but please, never "believe" your publicity…stay humble, sir… I care about you, and never want you to get hurt…

  9. LateToTheParty7 says:

    That bullied kid was very patient. I was hoping he'd use his size to take that skinny punk out and he totally did. I was not disappointed. XD Maybe said punk will learn to pick his battles (i.e. pick on someone your own size). School of hard knocks. I'm glad this video shows the context for the fight too. Another commented said that, the skinny kid was actually standing up to the larger one, which would be an interesting twist, but Nicks' analysis would still be valid.

  10. Nathan Guest says:

    Hi Nick, this was a great breakdown and analysis. I have been involved with doing and teaching Karate since 1961. And I don't think I would have done this video any better myself. In fact, I'm going to teach this in my next class! Great job. Thank you.

  11. The Bolt Thrower says:

    The bullied fat kid let the little brat to land the first shot, cause he knew he was a bear and the lil fag was a chihuahua, then proceeded to teach him a lesson XDDD This vid is old but never gets old.

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