How to Escape from the Guard



Being on the ground is the last place you want to find yourself in a street fight. When you hit the ground, you’re vulnerable to kicks, stomps, and other big blows.

33 thoughts on “How to Escape from the Guard

  1. shawn choi says:

    You need to develop more skill.
    There is no skill against attacker's reaction.
    BJJ has a lot of skill for many case. So I want you to combine their skill.
    I like your knife defence.
    I hope you will develop more techniques on attacker's reaction for knife defence. Thanks

  2. MarshalONE Gaming says:

    Thx to your videos Ive learned a lot, tbh im now little "bitchy" im asking for problems so i can show around what I can do…i know its not ok but uhh i dunno to explain that, im too proud cause of many moves that Ive learned from you =)

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