How to escape from Guillotine choke

How to escape from Guillotine choke Like Master Wong says in the video, the truth is, if the guillotine was done properly and you haven’t had time to react, your …

27 thoughts on “How to escape from Guillotine choke

  1. havelpants says:

    dude, I swear, get a TV show or cartoon going
    crossup between mike tysons mysteries and jackie chans adventures, just be you though and you can spread so much joy and motivation/inspiration based on martial arts everywhere!

  2. Diego Javier Casas says:

    Hola Master Wong ! todos los días veo tus videos aprendo y me divierto viéndote, me encantaría poder conocerte e ir a aprender de tus clases personalmente, te admiro! un saludo desde -Argentina La Rioja.

  3. NinjaWarriorDude says:

    won't work on a tough guy. If a guy grabbed my balls I would then stop his balls while he is unconscious on the ground. it will take only like 10 seconds to go to sleep. I can take 10 seconds of immense pain.

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