How To Escape From A Choke Women's Self Defense



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14 thoughts on “How To Escape From A Choke Women's Self Defense

  1. bloodraider says:

    It’s good that she continued to walk close to the possible threat because if you don’t, the threat will take it as a sign of weakness. If the threat takes it as a sign of weakness then they will realize that you’re a soft target and attack.

  2. The Immortal says:

    Those strikes will have zero effect.
    The best way to counter a rear choke is grap the killing arm with both hands as close to the wrist as possible, bend forward, and turn toward the elbow of the killing arm and make space.

  3. Ben Tarr says:

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  4. Gary C. says:

    Good stuff as always . Self defense is the best defense. I’m going to show this to my wife and let her practice it on me . Thanks for showing this to us .

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