Lesson 2 – In this video Nick Drossos and Helen Stranzl are teaching how to escape a rear choke. LEARN WOMENS SELF …

22 thoughts on “How To ESCAPE a REAR CHOKE – WOMEN SELF DEFENSE (Lesson 1)

  1. Gee K says:

    I was attacked like this. I was in rear choke. It came with such a force that I face planted on floor with attacker still on my back trying to choke me. This is the real life senario that I'm describing. It was almost impossible to get out of it because the more I tried the tighter choke hold got. What you are explaining who only work if you are already mentally prepared that someone is about to attack so you tuck your chin and bend. I was able to free myself tho. What legs were tied (there were 3 attackers). I somehow managed to free my legs while as one of them was on my back choking me & other one came in front after tying my legs to punch in the face. I was moments away from dying when I realized that now my legs are free so I bend my knees and turned over which disbalanced the guy choking me and he fell to the side. I had many injuries but I survived. I really hope all those attackers get attacked and beaten to death by someone.

  2. VSG Calgary says:

    The tips to begin the video are great and I love them…. the tips for once the choke is being put on or is on…not so great… after being trained for several forms of martial arts and escape to gain safety I know there is no way this would work.

  3. BrooklynTheGreat says:

    i love how these guys focus on the point- to defend yourself. they dont start ranting about how raping and kidnapping should stop like we dont know what the freak kidnapping or raping is. they focus on the most important thing- your safety, not your feelings.
    im so glad i came across this video, there have been reports of a man or men trying to lure and attack middle school or highschool girls like myself into a white van. now i know how to get away! but nonetheless, i'm very muscular and tall my doctor has told me for an 8th grader…. but im still scrawny and retarded compared to those attackers… i feel a lot less scared now about going outside. Thank you!!!

  4. Thomas McIndoe says:

    A great weapon that everyone has is your TEETH, biting the nose,( causes enormous bleeding )neck,, any where on the face, fingers or forearm That is why people are afraid of a viscous dog. the teeth.

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