How to Escape a bear hug

How to Escape a bear hug For more Videos Subscribe to me ➜ Wing Chun Master Teaching How to Escape a bear hug. Self-Defense …

33 thoughts on “How to Escape a bear hug

  1. johnny102marvin says:

    Excellent video. Some wrestlers have a youtube video bad mouthing, but I think everything you show is legit. Keep up the good work you 2.1 million subs. The guys bad mouthing you only have 63 thousand subs. I have watched over 25 youtube videos on escaping the bear hug, and nobody shows the techniques that you are showing, and I think this technique is the best of them all. Thanks again for sharing. You are saving me thousands of dollars from having to go to a commercial dojo that only wants your money.

  2. Anthony Lane says:

    For the front facing bear hug, grab him by the chin, and grab the back of his head. Then, push the chin up to the right, and pull the back of the head down to the left. Do it with all the force in your upper body. If you can’t, shove your thumb in his eye really hard, and when he lets go, punch him in the nose, then once in the chin with both arms. Then get away.

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