How To End A Rape Attempt In Seconds!

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32 thoughts on “How To End A Rape Attempt In Seconds!

  1. István Csiszár says:

    i am a 48 years old male. When i was younger, i wished to be able to fight with muscles and bones. Today i would prefer to be a feminine – looking Terminator , that is kind of a human-machine hybrid. i do no more want big muscles and do no more want traditional , macho-type masculinity. You may think , it is only a stupid science-fiction dream , but i take it seriously.

  2. Hugh Janus says:

    lol is ur backpack going to stun someone? what if they attack you from the side so their groin isnt exposed and then after grabbing you they position their feet so you cant stomp them then swiftly take you to the ground. this is how you defend yourself from an abduction against beta men who dont know how to fight. disliked for giving girls bad advice to walk around by themselves at night

  3. Silke F says:

    Rape is actually not existing because for the act of sex the guy would need to use his "biological piece" but how should he use that "biological piece" if the female has no interest? So how should rape at all be possible? This must be proof that nobody ever raped a female. Its just impossible to have sex with someone thats not interested. So the term rape should get erased from books. Its not possible that someone could rape someone else.

  4. Alex Parker says:

    So what you're basically showing is that your only option of self defense is a groin kick, and if the assaulter happens to protect his groin or wear protection, you'll end up raped and/or murdered? That''s… uh… "useful".

  5. Charne Lingenfelder says:

    You will get people killed if you teach them this shitty commercial Krav Mega. Shame on you. A real rapist will use a gun or knife to scare his victim and force them to submit. Not only that, an attacker will surprise its victim, go in aggressive and fight back. I suggest you rather become a student again with Idan Abolnik and learn the True Krav Mega invented 1000 years ago.

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